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Rwanda plays against USA the first match

Rwanda Women Sitting Volleyball will arrive in Hangzhou – China for Intercontinental Cup on 13th March, 2016 by Qatar Airways Company at 15.40. Click here for the list of players

The team will have 3 days to train and host friendlies before the official start of the competition which is scheduled to start on 17th March. Participating countries are 13: Brazil (BRA), Canada (CAN), China (CHN), Egypt (EGY), Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Italy (ITA), Japan (JPN), Netherlands (NED), Russia (RUS), Rwanda (RWA), Slovenia (SLO), Ukraine (UKR), United States of America (USA).

Two groups are created according to the qualified and non-qualified teams. – Note that this competition will qualify one women team and one men team as the last countries to be on the list of teams in Rio2016 Paralympic Games – .

In the Preliminary Round each team will play the other teams from the same Group according to the current WPV Sitting Volleyball Rules. In Qualified group, the top 4 teams after the Preliminary Round will play semi-finals as follows: 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd. The winners of these matches will play the Intercontinental Gold medal match. The losers of these matches will play the Intercontinental Bronze medal match. The 5th and 6th teams will play for 5th place in the Intercontinental. The 7th team will be allocated 7th place.

Rwanda women team, in yellow and blue colors, will start competition with USA ON 17th at 09.00, on 18th vs BRAZIL at 12.00, the same day vs CANADA at 17.30, on 19th vs UKRAINE at 17.30, on 20th vs IRAN at 14.30, the last match in preliminaries will be on 21th vs CHINA at 09.00

China time zone is +8 hours to GMT while Rwanda is +2 hours at GMT which means that if you are in Rwanda, you add 6 hours to your current time to know the time in China. This is important for Rwandan fans of Sitting Volleyball and all followers of Rwanda in Intercontinental Cup 2016.

Here are the schedules:

Rio Qualified Teams – MEN

Rio Qualified Teams – WOMEN

Non-Rio Qualified Teams – MEN

Non-Rio Qualified Teams – WOMEN

Court Allocation Schedule

Competition Regulations – MEN

Competition Regulations – WOMEN

This competition will serve as preparations to Paralympic Games of Rio2016. Rwanda entered in this world of Sitting Volleyball after its qualification match against Egypt in July 2015 during the African Championship held in Kigali City. It will be the first time the African Women Sitting Volleyball team participate in Paralympic Games. Rwandan women did this debut, the history marked it.

NPC Rwanda would like to thank the government of Rwanda for its recognition to rights of persons with disability, specially the one of sports and leisure.