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Sport for inclusion_Training of coaches in schools

Form the 11th to 13th November 2015 the NPC hosted a training for coaches of Sitball, Goal Ball and Boccia. The trained coaches will train these sports into various primary schools. The whole training was kindly sponsored by Laureus. It took place in the NPC gymnasium, where the coaches had enough space to teach three kinds of inclusive sports.

The aim was to train coaches from all districts in Sitball, Goal Ball and Boccia. Therefore these people can now coach those sports into primary schools and even built their own teams in collaboration with their respective districts. But not only the sport and techniques themselves are important. Apart from theory and practice in the three different sports, there were also courses which taught about the role of sport in social integration of children with impairment and about the methodology of a sport training session.

The training was given by NPC Experts in these sports: Karasira Eric, Bizimana Dominique, Nzeyimana Celestin, Hirwa Danny, Murema Jean Baptiste and Dr. Mutangana Dieudonné

One coach form every district was invited. Unfortunately only 26 participants came. The invited coaches form districts such as Kayonza, Rwamagana, Bugesa and Gicumbi did not attend the training for unknown reasons. Nevertheless there were plenty people to work with. Most of the participants were impaired themselves and very grateful to learn these inclusive sports. All expenses including accommodation, meals and transport were covered by Laureus.

Day one started early at 8 o’clock in the morning with the registration of the participants and some opening remarks by the president of the NPC. After the lunch break Sitball was introduced. Some theory and the rules were taught. And there was of course some practical training. After a short warm up, the participants were taught basic techniques of sitball such as how to move correctly on the ground, how to play the ball, how to smash, ect…

On the second day, the participants were able to really play Sitball and put a purpose to the techniques and also the theory they had learnt the day before. It was clear to see how fast they had learnt due to their interest and engagement during the training. This day they also got introduced to both Goalball and Boccia. Throwing the ball in goal ball is not as easy as it looks, especially if you are missing for example one leg. There is a certain technique that has to be mastered. That is why it took the participants some time to get there.

That day a small television crew from TV Rwanda came to cover the event. They did some interviews with the participants and cut a small documentary about the event. It was broadcast three days later on the 15th November.

On day three the participants practiced all the three sports they had learnt. The coaches were quiet proud of the skills they had now after only 2 days of training. Around noon the training closed with some remarks and tips for the future. Every participant got a certificate, which shows that he or she has attended the training.

NPC Rwanda thinks this eve is a good opportunity and chance given to various districts of the country to develop the above mentioned sports at grassroots level, once these sports are trained, competitions will be organized at both province and country level.

NPC Rwanda thanks Laureus for Good for their invaluable support in the development of sports of people with disabilities and fulfill its mission. NPC Rwanda expands its warms gratitutes to all trainees for their time and commitment to become part of the changes needed in Sports of people with disabilities

By Giulia Reinecke