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Egypt Men Leading and Rwanda women Leading in this Africa Paravolley

Semi final women Kenya 3-0 RD Congo Kenya Women lead of third place with medal bronze where Kenya beat RDC in this tournament in Africa Para volley sitting volley ball championships 2017. Kenya beat three straight sets 3:0(25-14, 25-15, and 25-10).
Semi final men Morocco3:0 Algeria Morocco men sitting volleyball team is now win with bronze medal after beat Algeria 3 set to zero (25-14, 25-24, 25-18) . Let congratulate Morocco for their improvement because at this match they didn’t want to lose any chance and for third place also. FINAL MATCH OF WOMEN
Egypt 0:3Rwanda Rwanda and Egypt women team the final match was at high tension where both team fight for silver golden medal the women of Rwanda team they pray strongly for being the champions of of this year where at first set leading 25-14 but the second set Egypt comes back where first technical time out 8-5 but at the end of this set Rwanda beat Egypt 25-20.rwanda beat Egypt three set (25-14, 25-20, 25-11) many leader of Rwanda was in presence for supporting at another teams south Africa ,RDC AND morocco was supporting Rwanda women team.
Let as remind you that those two teams egypt and Rwanda are qualified for world cup which held in Netheland .
congratulation to Rwanda and Egypt for being the champions of africa par volley sitting volleyball championships 2017 and good lack in world cup. Top performers On the side of Rwanda:
No 11 Solange 10 Spikes 5 Blocks 3 Defense 4 Reception Top performers On the side of Egypt:
No 8 8 Spikes 4 Blocks 2 Defense 3 Reception FINAL MATCH OF WOMEN
Egypt 3:0Rwanda Egypt men lead of 2017 Africa Para volley sitting championships after beating Rwanda 3:0, Rwanda second, and Morocco Third place now Egypt win Rwanda to the Golden medal after beat Rwanda to the final match beat three straight sets 3:0(25-16, 25-8, and 25-14).