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NPC Rwanda elected new Board Members

The NPC Rwanda hosted its ordinary General Assembly on 26th March, 2017 in meeting room of Amahoro National Stadium in Remera. 36 out of 37 members participated in Assembly. These members are: 3 Founder members, 30 Districts Paralympic Committees (DPSCOs) and 4 National Sports Committees per category of Disabilities (Physical, Visual, Deaf and Intellectual)

The following points were On agenda:

  1. Presentation of 2016 Activities report
  2. Presentation of 2016 Financial report
  3. Internal Auditors Report
  4. Presentation of 2017 activities Plan
  5. Elections of new Board members 2017 - 2020
  6. AOB

After working on each point above, different resolutions were taken including electing the new Board Committee which will lead the organization until 2020 as here below:

A. Executive Committee (Board Members)

  1. President : Jean Baptiste Murema
  2. 1st Vice President : Marie Claire Iriza Dinah
  3. 2nd Vice President : William Safari
  4. Secretary General : Dr Dieudonné Mutangana (PhD)
  5. Treasurer : Emile Vuningabo
  6. Advisers: Claudine Mukarusine (Visual Impaired Representative)
  7. Jean Paul Sekarema (Intellectual Disability Representative)
  8. Adele Mukanyemazi (Physical Disability Representative)
  9. Jean Damascene Bizimana (Deaf People Representative)
  10. Women Representative : Liliane Mukobwankawe
  11. Athletes Representative : Callixte Twagirayezu

B. Internal Audit Committee

  1. Jean Pierre Nkurayija
  2. Marthe Ingabire
  3. David Twizerimana

C. Conflict Resolution Committee

  1. Augustin Ngendanumwe
  2. Solange Cyamenyerwa
  3. Louis Habimana

New President Jean Baptiste Murema on left side, Former President Celestin Nzeyimana on Right

The General Assembly adopted that there will be a separation between Executive Committee and Executive Secretariat. In last terms, Executive Committee members were at the same time in executive Secretariat which will now be separated. General Assembly approved that Executive Committee members of last term which are not reelected, will become staffs members of Executive Secretariat.

The General Assembly lead by Celestin Nzeyimana the Exiting President was closed at 3pm by a family photo and cerebrations of achievements of 2016 with members